Catstrong Mold Inspection of San Antonio300 Convent St Suite 1330San Antonio, Texas 78205Mold Remediation ProcessWe assault the source of mold at the molecular levelIf you think there is mold in your house, calling a specialist to start the mold remediation process is a must. If there is a musty smell, wetness present in an indoor area, or if you … Read More

Dust mites and mold like to are in warm climates. Keep your thermostat about 70 degrees to aid preserve them at bay.A mold inspection with mold testing by a Qualified mold inspector delivers a correct assessment of the home encountering suspect mold growth and mold infestation.Having said that, in most cases, the EPA does not endorse using biocides… Read More

A water damage restoration enterprise focuses primarily on water damage restoration, the cornerstone of our business enterprise. They've intensive water damage restoration instruction having an emphasis on monitoring and documenting the drying system until finally completion.Selecting a professional company to dry up standing water and also evapor… Read More